Volunteer Recruitment Policy

In accordance with Clubmark requirements and our safeguarding policies, we recognise the need for a robust Recruitment Policy.

The Club regularly identifies and advertises among members and parents, the need to recruit volunteers to contribute to the ongoing development of both junior and senior sections of the club.

The Club follows ECB recommendations as to which roles require DBS vetting checks.

The Club is mindful of the fact that too demanding a procedure is likely to result in volunteers changing their minds, and the Committee reserves the right to decide on the level of “interview” and “references” it chooses dependent on its existing knowledge of the potential volunteer.

Therefore, a longstanding player or parent will be recruited in a different way than a complete stranger.

In either case, we recognise that child welfare is paramount, and will act accordingly.

The Recruitment Policy identifies the following procedure:

1. Advertise the roles needing recruits.
2. Identify individuals to fill these roles.
3. Confirm their suitability for the role.
4. Explain the remit and limitations of each role.
5. DBS check as required
6. Organise course attendance as required.
7. Ensure a mentor or overseer, certain initially.

If the volunteer is unknown to the club, our recruitment process will be based on practice identified and outlined in the ECB Safe Hands policy.

Any other steps will be taken as seen fit by the Club Welfare Officer or Committee.

Reviewed: March 2017